Cozy Formalwear shoes seeks to provide quality tuxedo solutions to meet the needs of its customers. We offer a full line of bright and sleek tuxedos. Our shoes are designed to make you stand out at whatever event or party you attend and accent whatever tuxedo you choose. We also offer special orders so you can get the exact color and style of your preference.

Shoe are that final added touch to a tuxedo rental. As someone surveys your outfit they start at your face and work down to your shoes. The shoes are the last thing that people see so you will want to leave a good impression. Here at Cozy Formalwear we want to provide you with the best shoe selection for your tuxedo needs. A shiny shoe that pops out at an onlooker is the best way to leave that impression. Matching groomsmen shoes will give your wedding party a sharp, formal look. Shoes are easy to try on and match with pants during an appointment so you know what you’ll be receiving come pick up day.