Finding Your Son The Perfect Tuxedo for Prom

It’s that time of year, your kids are going to Prom. Actually, let’s rephrase that. It’s time for your kid’s OSCAR event. Exclusive isn’t it? Prom is typically the first formal event your darling teenager will go to. Often, so much attention is given to the girls, that the boys are left out.

Whether your son tells you or not, he is likely uncertain about how or where to get a Tuxedo since this is likely the first time he’s expected to wear one. So it’s up to you to help guide him in the right direction. Here is how you can assure that your son finds the perfect Tuxedo, and is one of the best-dressed at Prom:

Let him choose the style of Tuxedo He likes

Your son can’t find the perfect Tux unless he has a chance to try it on, and see for himself. Most big Tuxedo rental stores don’t have any ‘in stock’, but rather you have to select from a catalog or mannequin. Don’t fall victim to this! The worst feeling is having paid for a rental only to find he doesn’t like it after trying it on. Don’t let your son be in this situation, give him an opportunity to try on the tux he likes before you spend a dime. Visit a store that has every Tux imaginable in stock, with a number of vest & bowtie pairings your son will love. It’s the only way you’ll be 100% confident that Tux will be perfect on Prom day.

Get The Perfect Fit, The First Time

A Tux that isn’t ‘fitted’ well doesn’t hold the same class as one that is. You want your son to be snazzy and classy in every aspect of life. Tuxedos keep it classic, keep it timeless, and keep it tasteful. Nothing says all three like a well-fitted Tuxedo. They are the best way (and only in our opinion) to dress up at a formal event, improving posture and confidence while giving him a polished look.

A classic Tuxedo holds the top spot for elegant male formal-wear at any age. Its appeal has been immortalized by some of the best dressers of the twentieth century, including Frank Sinatra and fictional superspy, James Bond. What guy doesn’t want to be as cool as James Bond? We don’t know one. Have him professionally fitted so you can order his Tux with peace of mind, knowing it’ll be perfect.

Making His Date Proud – Let Her Help

His date wants a classy young man by her side, so letting her be a part of the process will help her feel more comfortable the day of the big event. A prom Tuxedo sends the message that you’re wearing something different and unique.  It commemorates the event, and should pair nicely with his date’s dress. On top of them pairing well, they should feel they were a part of the decision process together.

Rent From a Place That Treats Him Like an Adult

You want your son to wear something he’s proud of. Something he’ll enjoy looking back on in pictures knowing he looked his best. And you also want him to feel like he was treated with top-notch customer service while he was finding that perfect Tux. Many larger Tux rental stores look at Prom as a big pay day, and push customers through as fast as they can while selling them on Tuxedos that may not be the best solution. We’ll never do that. We treat every customer with care, and let them choose their Tux, in their timing. Shop pressure free, and know that your son will be treated like an adult. As he should be on his first formal event.



Life gives one very few chances to wear a Tux – so help him enjoy the entire experience from picking one out to wearing it on the big day!

We live and breath Tuxedos, which means you are entitled to our huge collection, perfect fittings, pick-ups and drop-offs. Every Tuxedo you rent from us will be the exact style and color you selected, it will be ready on time, the fit will be exceptional, and it will be professionally cleaned and expertly pressed.

What else makes us different from other Tuxedo rental stores? We have every Tuxedo right here in the store so your son can try it on rather than picking off a mannequin or out of a catalog. That paired with our large selection of vests, ties and bowties in a variety of colors, you’re guaranteed to find what you need on your first visit. 

Make an appointment or just come by our Morristown & Nutley locations and we’ll make your son look amazing for his first formal event.

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We’ll see you soon!

– The Cozy Formal Wear Team