5 Common Wedding Mistakes To Avoid

It’s that time of year, you’re either planning your wedding or the biggest day of your life is fast approaching. To make the day perfect, learn from these common wedding planning and execution mistakes, and rest at ease on your wedding day knowing the essentials are covered:


1) Tackling It Alone

Remember that you’re not in this alone. Planning a wedding is a complex and hectic time, which is why you have family members (or a wedding planner)  Wedding planners, family and friends are there to help make sure that you don’t miss anything, and can focus on finding ways to keep you within your budget. It’s easy to get carried away planning your own wedding, so having a check and balance system in place is critical. 

You may also want to consider finding someone to coordinate everything on your wedding day. This will not only keep you focused on your actual wedding, but it will help your family members & close friends enjoy the day too. You don’t want loved ones being worried if the flower girl is ready at the right time, the candles are lit, and the organist isn’t on a smoke break when you’re ready to talk down the aisle.

2) Losing Focus

Yes, we all want beautiful flowers, an amazing dress, and a towering cake at our wedding.  But it’s important to no get caught up in the tiniest of details, so the flowers came out a little more cornflower than baby blue. But in the end, what’s important is that you and the love of your life are joined together until death do you part. Don’t focus on the tiniest problems on your wedding day when it’s the big picture that’s most important.

3) Tux or a Suit?

A tuxedo is classic, and it always will be. A tuxedo for a groom is nearly the same as a gown for the bride.  Sean Connery, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart; they all wore a tuxedo, and let’s face it; they are the timeless idols that will be relevant even decades from now. They knew the importance of dressing for the occasion, and a wedding’s proper dress code is a Tuxedo for the groom & groomsmen. Make your groom-to-be truly stand out from the other men at the wedding in suits

4) A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

A photographer might be a bit pricey, but come on, this is your WEDDING!  Do you really want to trust your big day to your Aunt Linda who happens to have a really nice camera? Photos will be the only real physical proof of your big night, proof that wont be distorted by the adrenaline high you’ll be riding throughout the reception. Not hiring a professional is one of the most common wedding mistakes that brides make, and 9 times out of 10 they regret not having one after the fact.

5) Personality Vs Budget

Every woman wants her wedding to be unique, unlike anything anyone has seen before; and that is all possible, but it just costs money. The problem is not all of us can afford a wedding like Will and Kate, but there are a nearly infinite amount of ways to interject your personality without blowing your budget. Is your groom a little wacky? Let him get away with a multi-color bow tie with his tux. Do you love the country lifestyle? Wear cowboy boots and walk in to some Carrie Underwood at the reception. Have a favorite sweet treat you can’t get enough of?  We’ve seen couples have a giant tower of Twinkies next to their cake.

It’s your day. The possibilities are endless. The first thing is to sit down, hammer out a budget, and look for all the little ways you can keep to your it and still make your wedding, your wedding.

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