6 Reasons Your Groom (And Groomsmen) Need Tuxedos

Let’s face it, the Groom’s outfit isn’t usually taken into as much consideration as the Bride’s. We all hear stories and see movies where Brides try on hundreds of dresses until they find the perfect one. They need that Cinderella story wedding dress, and they’ll spend countless hours of hunting to find it. But the Groom’s outfit is just as important. It’s their special day too, and it should complement your dress perfectly! There are countless reasons your Groom (and Groomsmen) need to wear Tuxedos instead of suits to your wedding, but these 6 will seal the deal:

1 – Tuxedos Honor The Occasion

It’s a fact! We made this the first point because it’s the most obvious. They look, feel, and were created to be a step above suits. The point of wearing a Tuxedo at the wedding isn’t just to ‘look nicer’, but it’s to honor the importance of the day. Your wedding is a special day, one you’re likely spending a lot of money and time on. So, you want everyone in the wedding party to look their best as well as honor this special occasion with a dress code meant for it. Tuxedos are meant to fit that dress code. Every detail matters.

2 – The Groom Is Your Arm Candy

Since the Groom will be locked by your side most of the night, you need him looking snazzy! There’s no better way to do that than by finding the perfect Tuxedo. As mentioned previously, Tuxedos were created for formal events and naturally look better than suits, so be sure your arm candy makes you proud.

3 – Suits Are For Work, Tuxedos Are For Weddings

Plain and simple. Your Groom-to-be likely wears suits to work, so why would you want him wearing one to your wedding? Let’s flip the table. Would you wear your work outfit to your wedding? Absolutely not! So why is it different for your groom? It shouldn’t be. Suits are for work, so leave them at work.

4 – It’ll Set your Groom Apart From The Crowd

The last thing you want is for your Groom to look like every other person wearing a suit at the wedding. The best way to set him apart is by having him dress the part. Anyone in attendance should look at your Groom without even knowing ‘who’ he is, and know he’s the Groom because of his outfit. A well fitted Tuxedo will do just that.

5 – Tuxedos Are Manly & Sexy

There’s a reason James Bond (aka 007) always wears Tuxedos. James Bond’s character needed to stand out, so they put him in a Tux. If that’s not convincing, we don’t know what is. Nothing looks and feels better at formal events than a well fitted Tuxedo. This is exactly why we fit to perfection at all of our locations.

6 – A Tuxedo Is The Perfect Complement To Your Wedding Dress

You want your Wedding dress to pop, right? Nothing helps it do that more than a well dressed Groom by your side. Try finding a celebrity wedding photo (royalty include) where the groom is wearing a suit. You won’t find it! Why? Because on camera Tuxedos look much better in the wedding setting than a suit. Since wedding photos will likely be the only visual memory you can keep from your wedding, you want everyone in the wedding party looking their best. Plus, you’re paying a lot for those photos, so get the best bang for your buck with a well dressed Groom and Groomsmen by your side.

We Can Help…

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– The Cozy Formal Wear Team