Should your groom wear a Tuxedo or a Suit?

Suit or Tux? What’s the difference? Which should my groom wear? Why would he choose one over another? The answer may surprise you …

For the next two minutes (we timed it out, that’s all this read will take), we’ll explore the top scenarios that can help you make an informed decision on whether your Groom should wear a Tux or a Suit.


Suit Up or Tux Up? – The “How I Met Your Mother” Debate

The ultimate question, and it applies directly to your wedding. Who doesn’t love Barney Stinson’s “suit up” montra from How I Met Your Mother. The guy seems to always wear a suit! Playing Laser Tag? Suit. Hanging with friends at the bar? Suit. Going to bed? Suit. Going to a wedding? Tux! Yes, that’s right. Even Barney Stinson wore a tux to his wedding. That in itself is our answer. To suit up or tux up really depends on the occasion. Many occasions call for a suit. Maybe not as many as for Barney (for most of us at least), but suits indeed have their place. However, they don’t quite make the cut for most weddings. Tuxedos are the ultimate formal wear for men, so if your wedding calls for an outfit that’s a step above the workplace dress code, tuxedos are the way to go for your Groom and Groomsmen.

The Black Tie Debate

With the uprising of mainstream suit fashion, suits have made a name for themselves in the ‘dress for the occasion’ arena. For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a “Black Tie” event is a nice classic black suit with a black tie. We have it wrong though! Originally when one received an invite to a Black Tie event, the host expected a Tuxedo, and in many occasions still does. Your wedding deserves Black Tie status for your wedding party.

The Awards Season Debate

Our guess is many of you have seen the red carpet event of one of the entertainment industry’s awards season events (Emmys, Golden Globes, Oscars, etc). Think back to when you’ve seen a celebrity walk carpet with a suit. They are usually far and few between, and when they do, the camera’s breeze right over. The producers do that for a reason. The events call for a tuxedo because it truly is meant for the more formal occasion. You’ll never see an A-List celebrity sporting a suit to an awards season event. They just won’t do it unless they’re trying to make a statement. We have a lot to learn from the men of celebrity fashion, and how they dress for the occasion.

The Manliness & Class Debate

We may be walking the line with this one, but hear us out. Some weddings call for a suit, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It really just depends on the vibe and setting. If your wedding is more on the casual side, then by all means a suit may be the best choice for your Groom. The closer you get to the classy/fancy side, the more likely your a Tux will be the best fit. Tuxedos radiate class and manliness, whereas suits radiate “dress up”. Which do you want at your wedding? Would you like your groom to simply dress up and look nice? Or do you want him to walk by your side with class and manliness. Again, either is fine! Every wedding (and person) is different so it really boils down to which fits the theme of your wedding.

The Formal Wear Debate

While both Suits and Tuxedos are generally seen by society as formal wear, only one really is the king. Can you guess which one? We’ll help you, it’s the Tux. You can’t go to a major retail store like Zara, Express, H&M, etc. and buy (or rent) a tuxedo. Why? Because they aren’t average. They aren’t something that is worn to just any event or gathering. Instead, they are reserved for the most formal occasions. Occasions that deserve a dress code beyond average. Does your wedding deserve an above average dress code for your wedding party? If so, a Tux is for you.

After reading this it’s likely your rethinking the suit idea for your Groom, and want him to explore the Tuxedo option. If that’s the case, we can help!

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– The Cozy Formal Wear Team